(Burkina Faso / Belgium)
  • Lakha Khan
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  • Touring: Avalanche Kaito is based in Belgium
  • Travelling crew: 4 persons

Afro Post Punk

“Freaked, juddering electronic punk..” The Wire

>Ancestral Griot Expression with Post Punk Attitude

Someone has described Avalanche Kaito as “grrriot_punk_noise”. Burkinabe singer Kaito Winse, the guardian of the ancestral griot tradition, rubs shoulders with the multiform approaches of drummer and “pure dataïst” Benjamin Chaval and anarcho-guitarist Nico Gitto in an explosive combination..

The band was noticed from their first concerts in Belgium in July 2021. A real craze followed, which brought them to several European countries and to Canada during the following months, performing more than fifty times in festivals and clubs.

In 2022, the band released their first EP, Dabalomuni, followed by a homonymous album, both on Glitterbeat. Also performing in several showcase festivals like MIL or ESNS, the band generates a real word-of-mouth movement. Everywhere, professionals and audiences receive them as a new sensation. .

    Group Size: 3 Artists + 1 sound engineer
  • Kaito Winse : vocals, tama, bow, peul flute/li>
  • Nico Gitto: guitar
  • Benjamin Chaval: drums, pure data, electronics, production


Live at KEXP

Full Performance - KEXP and ESNS present Avalanche Kaito performing live at Vera in Groningen, NL, during Eurosonic 2023. Recorded January 18, 2022.

Douaga (Live on KEXP)


Dabalomuni (Live on KEXP)





Les repas du cobra

Live on KEXP

Le repas du cobra


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