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  • Touring: Brama is based in France
  • Travelling crew: 4 persons

Psychedelic Folk Rock (France)

Brama is a psychedelic power trio from central France combining droning hurdy gurdy, sharp cut guitar riff and energy blasting drums. With the ability to jump from one genre to another from experimental noise basement onto stellar pop explosions, the young trio draw from french folk music infuences, a new exciting rock sound. .

Through a DIY state of mind and polyphonic energy, Brama dig out a high voltage poetry with a sensitive sense of standing right where not expected, taking everybody on board. The guitar and drums having hypnotic conversation, transcendental hurdy gurdy passing through multiple effects and solar singing in occitan, Brama dig down onto traditions and comes up with a spontaneous contemporary discourse. .

Out of this fascinating mess, hurdy gurdy storm and acid guitar/drums duo, it is the vocals which opens up this maelstrom of sound that takes us all up to hi- gher’s ground. Navigating between krautrock infuences and noise pop journey, Bra- ma is now on the road giving away statospheric energy to anybody ready to take it. .

    Group Size: 3 Artists + 1 sound engineer
  • Paolo Gauthier: drums / vocals
  • Simon Guy: Guitar, vocals
  • Baptiste Lherbeil: hurdy-gurdy, vocals
  • Alexis Bardet: sound engineer


Los Endurmits

(Live, FMM Sines - Portugal)

La Bruma

Live - Saint-Étienne le 20/04/2023.

Live at Phi Montreal (Canada) - 2022



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