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Cursed Brasilian Beats

"Satanique Samba Trio, which seizes the listener with terribly acidic, hallucinogenic intellectual fuck folk, is 'satanic' in that it flies in the face of the pugnacious conservatism of Brasilia's traditional samba scene" - LAST FM

Satanique Samba Trio is an instrumental avant-garde quintet (yep, not really a trio), founded in 2003 with the sole purpose of posing as an idiosyncratic force on the Brazilian musical landscape. No Brazilian traditional rhythm remains unscathed on Satanique Samba Trio’s trail of desecration. From samba to forró, from bossa nova to lambada, this Brasília-based quintet (sometimes sextet) has been adding virulence, dissonance and provocation to Brazil’s musical heritage.

Their efforts on deconstructing Brazilian music’s most persistent clichés have resulted in 14 records so far: Misantropicalia (2004), Sangrou (2007), Bad Trip Simulator #2 (2010), Bad Trip Simulator #1 (2011), Bad Trip Simulator #3 (2013), Badtriptych (a 2014 compilation released by Far Out Recordings), Mó Bad (2015), the double 7-inch vinyl Xenossamba (2017), the world’s first liquid album Instant Karma (2019), Mais Bad (2019), Forrível (2020), Mini Bad (2021), Cursed Brazilian Beats Vol. 2 (2023) and Só Bad (2023). Upcoming: Cursed Brazilian Beats Vol. 1.

Satanique Samba Trio kicked off in 2003. After hundreds of memorable shows all over Brazilian soil (some of them on the same bills as Tom Ze, Nana Vasconcelos or Hermeto Pascoal), the band went to Europe for the first time in 2016. From Denmark to Greece Satanique Samba Trio introduced its disassembled versions of Brazilian traditional rhythms to unexpecting European ears.

In 2017 and 2019 the Brazilian enfants terribles went back for two more tours (this time with the support of a substantial fanbase), marking their presence in festivals like Music Meeting (Netherlands), Leffingeleuren (Belgium) and Moers (Germany). They have played in well-known venues like Bimhuis (Amsterdam), Recyclart (Brussels) or Alice (Copenhagen). Two of their concerts have been recorded by major broadcasters VPRO (Netherlands) and WDR (Germany). In Spring 2025, after a (post-)covid hiatus, they will finally hit Europe again, this time to promote their upcoming 7-inch vinyl Cursed Brazilian Beats Vol. 1 (Rebel Up! Records).

Satanique Samba Trio has also made its way into a great number of musical compilations, such as A Nova Música do Brasil/ New Music From Brazil (The Guardian newspaper - UK), AM Soundz (Aktion Mutante - Austria), Braz-ILL (Gonzo Circus / Red Bull Music Academy - Belgium) and, of course, as expected from such an unusual instrumental act, a couple of movies (A Curtição do Avacalho by Petter Baiestorf, Fixation Element by Murilo Seabra, É Nóis by Alex Vidigal, etc).

    Group Size: 5 Artists + 1 tour manager
  • Munha da 7 - bass
  • Jota Dale - cavaco and electric guitar
  • Lupa Marques - drums and percussions
  • DJ Beep Dee - clarinet and keyboards
  • Chico Oswald - saxophones and flutes


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