Seni Reak Juarta Putra

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Ritual Trance Ceremoni of West Java

Seni Reak Juarta Putra – an original community of the Reak ceremony.

Based in village Cileuiny on the mountain areas surrounding Bandung, West Java.

The style

The musical style is called Reak, and is one the original trance rituals that has been existing in Java for centuries. The spirit of the Horse (Kuda Lumping) and the spirits of the the ancestors have a central role in this ceremony. In Java it is performed for communal needs, and villagers gather in the hundreds, to be possessed and be connected to the spirits through the music and dance.

Reak, when people get possesed – is known for an outcome to the very extremes.

On Stage

The musicians of Seni Reak Juarta Putra is a select group out of the community.

The music is performed on skin drums (Dogdog) and special double reed instrument (Tarompet).

There will be an exchanging of the instruments as the musicians perform the dances and start going into trance themselves. The Audience is invited to be part of the ritual and participate to the fullest.

Please note, it will be 4 musicians from Indonesia and 3 from Denmark.

    Group Size: 7 Artists + 1 tour manager


Goosebumps !! Art Reak JUARTA PUTRA

The Reak Juarta Putra art environment again appeared to entertain the ciguruwik residents in a celebration of one of the Nayaga juarta Putra, as in the video, a male Nayaga Juarta was seen performing a Reak Kaul / jogging art accompanied by music from the juarta Putra group.

Live at Roskilde Festival


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