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Always vinyl, always groovy!

Amarrass Records label co-founder, music producer, recording engineer and radio jockey Ankur Malhotra aka SpinCycle is an avid musicologist who explores, engages, and connects with musical traditions from around the world. Over two decades of crate-digging esoteric sounds on vinyl from around the world, SpinCycle presents recontextualized field recordings, obscure sounds and patterns, reimagined and reinterpreted for the dance floor. Featuring two turntables, a mixer and a crate load of wax, creating layers of dubby, clubby, psychedelic sounds!

A long-time /radio host on WORT 89.9FM, his versatility in styles and across genres is evidenced in the many shows he hosts/ ’s including the Pan Africa Radio Show, Friday Buzz, and other world music, dub and freeform radio shows. Based out of Madison, Wisconsin where he has been ’ing for the past 15 years, and with residencies at local clubs, festivals and launch parties. He has performed in the US, Europe and in India and opened for artists such as Huun Huur Tu, Samba Touré, BCUC, Msafiri Zawose, Bremer/McCoy, Les Freres Smith, Charanjit Singh, and produced thematic sets for the Madison Children’s Museum and Odense Music Library. Special projects also include explorations with fusing turntable rhythms and bass with live contemporary folk from India with Barmer Boys.

  • PANAFRICA Sets - Cutting-edge sounds on vinyl infused with rare oddities from the African diaspora. Expect afro funk, dub, psychedelic sanza, and throbbing afro-techno-house sounds.
  • Crate digging in the Music Library - A special project commissioned by the Odense Music Library in Denmark. An exploration into the vast folk and world music collection with sets created exclusively of the material found at the Library. Recontextualizing traditional sounds and historic recordings for the modern dance floor. A sonic art exploration that takes listeners on a journey into our past and into the future.
  • Live Set with Barmer Boys - SpinCycle fuses his love for deep bass and acid sounds with a passion for folk music in a path-breaking Rajasthani folk-fusion set. Featuring 4 artists on stage - searing sufi vocals, polyrhythmic percussion, folk rhythms, synthesizers, turntable and banging beats.
  • Specially curated sets - e.g. ‘Mit Bier ein Bugs” at the Madison Children’s Museum - an intersection of Kraftwerk and German techno with sounds of the environment - ambient, progressive electronic music -
    Featured on Tone Madison:

  • 2022-23 Projects/Tours: Audio podcast series - in collaboration with Odense Music Library, Resonator Festival and WORT 89.9FM - delivering in to the folk and world music collection with music and interviews exploring the nature of recorded music from disappearing instruments and cultures, to evolution of modern music


Barmer Boys + SpinCycle - Express (at Winnipeg Folk Festival 2015)

A live rework of a track by KINK

Ranaji - Barmer Boys + SpinCycle (Live at Winnipeg Folk Festival)

Big Blue @ Night, July 11, 2015.

Padosan Le Gayi Re - Barmer Boys + SpinCycle

Padosan Le Gayi Re (Roomal) - a folk meets techno experiment with Barmer Boys

Allah Hoo - Barmer Boys + SpinCycle

Allah Hoo (allah who?) - BARMER BOYS + SpinCycle.

Kurja - Barmer Boys + SpinCycle

Kurja (bird) - Barmer Boys and SpinCycle at the terrace sessions with Amarrass Records, March 2014. Kurja is the name for a migratory bird (crane) found in the region.


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