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    • EUROPE, summer 24 From July 8 to August 12, Denmark, Finland, Portugal, France, Faroe Islands +++
    • EUROPE - 2025 Beginning of February + from middle March 2025
    • CANADA - 2025 From February 18 - Canada +++
  • Travelling crew: 4-6 persons

Songhaï, the guitar sound of Sahel (Mali)


"If this fine album bore the name of a different Touré, it would rank alongside the best of Ali Farkas legacy.” - Uncut

Samba Touré's music is characterized by hypnotic guitar grooves radiating with the intensity of the desert sun. It transcends borders, creating an authentic and groundbreaking sonic landscape—a journey of emotional depth and rhythmic brilliance where tradition meets innovation, resonating with the spirit of Northern Mali.

Renowned Malian guitar legend, he is celebrated for his distinctive style that not only mirrors but also elevates the enduring legacy of the legendary Ali Farka Touré, with whom he toured worldwide. The genesis of their association traces back to the 90s when Ali Farka Touré discovered the young singer while he played with Farafina Lolo, Samba’s initial group, which gained immense popularity in Mali.

Impressed by Samba's talent, Ali Farka Touré gifted him a guitar, encouraging a shift towards more traditional music. This mentorship culminated in the production of Samba's debut album, "Fondo" (The Way), a 100% traditional Songhoy album. The single "Anbafo," a tribute to Malian women, achieved resounding success in West Africa.

He toured extensively throughout Europe, making noteworthy appearances at events such as the Roskilde Festival in Denmark, the Viljandi Folk Festival in Estonia, Paradiso and Grounds Podium in the Netherlands, Muziekpublique in Belgium, and more.

Samba's upcoming album, "Baarakelaw" (The Workers), to be released in autumn 2024 by Glitterbeat, blends traditional music, blues-rock, psychedelic elements, ballads, and love songs. The album explores the theme of small trades in Bamako, paying tribute to water sellers, tailors, and housekeepers—crucial yet often overlooked contributors to social cohesion in Mali. It includes a heartfelt tribute to Samba's late wife, who passed away during his 2023 European tour. In "Baarakelaw," Samba Touré emerges again as a sort of an anti-griot, singing not for illustrious ancestors or contemporary power figures but for the simple people who constitute his daily landscape. He dedicates these songs of homage, dignity, and respect, infused with compassion and good-natured humor, to those too often forgotten or despised. While inspired by Malian society, the album's message holds universal significance.

    Group Size: 3 Artists + 1 manager (at times 1 tour manager)
  • Samba Touré: guitar, vocals
  • Djimé Sissoko: ngoni, tamani
  • Souleymane Kane: calabash, djembe
  • Over the course of his career, Samba has had the pleasure of collaborating with artists such as Oumou Sangaré, Toumani Diabaté, Afel Bocoum, Adama Yalomba, Bassekou Kouyaté, Ahmed "Amanar" El Kaedy, Aziza Brahim, Tartit, and more and shared stages with BB King, Ernst Reijseger, French popstar "M", Vieux Farka Toure, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Angelique Kidjo, Songhoy Blues...
  • “Songhai Bues” ( Riverboat Records / World Music Network, 2009) a compilation of the best tracks from Samba’s first two Malian albums - opened Samba Touré to the international market.
  • In 2010, building on the triumph of their Grammy-winning album 'Ali and Toumani,' the master of the kora, Toumani Diabaté, initiated a tribute tour dedicated to honoring Ali Farka Touré. Samba received an invitation to join this tour and infuse the "Farka touch" on the guitar, showcasing original compositions from his inaugural international album, 'Songhai Blues.'
  • "Crocodile Blues" (Riverboat Records / World Music Network - 2011) Recognized with the Tamani d’or for Best International Album, it featured diverse rhythms and vibrant colors, blending contemporary Western influences. This release established Samba as a pioneer from Northern Mali, fusing traditional instruments like the ngoni and tamani into his music, shaping a unique and evolving style.
  • In 2013, amidst Mali's security crisis, Samba signed with Glitterbeat Records. His debut album, "Albala," a musical protest against violence, garnered acclaim for its dark blues. Produced by Chris Eckman and with guest appearances by Australian musician Hugo Race ((known for his work with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds) , the album received critical acclaim and charted well in World Music charts.
  • 'Gandadiko' (Burning Land/Drought), which, while less somber than its predecessor, remained equally devoted to addressing pressing social issues such as access to water, pollution, the significance of education, women's rights, and more.
  • This was succeeded in 2018 by 'Wande' (The Beloved), an album dedicated to his wife. 'Wande' seamlessly blended love songs, tributes to departed loved ones, and sharp social criticism. Subsequent European tours ensued, though they were eventually interrupted by an enforced pause brought about by the global pandemic.
  • During the hiatus, Samba created "Binga," a homage to his birthplace, embracing the roots of Songhai music. Diverging from earlier rock-blues influences, "Binga" featured a minimalist ensemble of guitar, percussion, and ngoni—a trio without embellishments. The album's authentic approach earned Samba the esteemed "Best Artist of the Year" at the Songlines Music Awards 2021.


Live at Roskilde Festival

Denmark, 2022

Live at Muziekpublique on March 31th 2023.


Tamala - Live at Dexter, Denmark - 2023

Denmark, 2022

"Wandé", Live in St. Catherine's Church

Vilnius, April 2019

Sambalama (official video)

Goy Boyro

Wo Yendé Alakar

Global Copenhagen, 20155

Malé Bano

Live in Bamako, 2015

Samba Touré - Espace Senghor

Bruxelles, BE - 2015

Takamba. RASA

Utrecht NL,2015

Touri Idjé Bibi


Live in Bamako, 2015

Live at Paradiso

Live in Amsterdam , 2015


From the album 'Crocodile Blues' 2011

Be Ki Don

Recorded at Studio Mali in Bamako, in the autumn of 2012, Samba is joined by his regular band members Djimé Sissoko (n'goni ) and Madou Sanogo (congas, djembe) and guests such as the legendary, master of the soku (a one-stringed violin) Zoumana Tereta and the fast-rising Malian neo-traditional singer Aminata Wassidje Traore. Additionally, Hugo Race (The Bad Seeds, Dirtmusic, Fatalists) contributes an array of subtle atmospherics on guitar and keyboards.

Samba Touré - Amandraï

Live in Tamanrasset, Algérie 2010

Malé Bano

Live in Livorno, The Cage Theatre


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